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      Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society THERE'S AN ENGAGING CATCH-AS-CATCH-CAN LOOK to Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society, something that immediately conveys a certain spontaneity, yet disguises—slightly—the complexity of the music. During the band’s North American tour in May 2015, which[...] Read more

      Featured Article Stuart Broomer Issue 123

      Patricia Martinez: Del cuadro a la postergación Listen to Del cuadro a la postergación (1994, acousmatic, stereo) Composed by Patricia Martinez   Composer notes   Del cuadro a la postergación was part of the diptych Espejos de tiempo  / Mirrors of time.[...] Read more

      Sound Notes STAFF

      DEBBY FRIDAY’S ENERGY POTENTIAL Across the first few minutes of Bare Bones, the short-film debut by Vancouver artist Debby Friday, a growing, skittering sound unsettles an otherwise pastoral scene. In the film, Friday, a splash of presence in a white tulle dress, kneels riverside amid a verdant landscape. This moment might[...] Read more

      Featured Article Brennan McCracken Issue 138